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The autonomous vehicle is the newest technology in the car industry; the vehicle is robotic, self-driving. Autonomous vehicle do the work done by the normal cars like transportation. The vehicle senses the environment around it and knows when to turn, when to stop and when to start. A person may control it from a far distance but the vehicle operates itself mechanically. The vehicle uses GPS, lidar, computer vision and laser. The autonomous vehicle has an advanced system that controls its navigation path. The sensors that the vehicles bears have made them sense things like signage and the uncharted environment.



In the world today, there is need for autonomous vehicle; this is because they provide efficiency, safety and environmental improvement. The vehicles reduce fatalities in traffic. In fact, the technology reduces the number of deaths related to careless driving as the vehicles are controlled by experts. The autonomous vehicle does not become sleepy, distracted or drunk as a normal driver may be, in addition, the vehicle has a high vision (360-degree) reacting quickly than humans. The cars are not prone to accident and can be operated by any person unlike the usual cars. With the new technology car, it will reduce the traffic congestions in most countries in the near future.


A lot of research has been done by scientists, university students and professors to come up with the technology of autonomous vehicle. For example, they first tried to make robots and taken them to compete in a championship and it worked. The developers then came up with large robots and used laptops to control them as part of the research. In addition, the researchers also made robots to guard enclosed areas and the bigger warehouses and it worked.



To increase developments and reduce calamities on the roads, the technology cars will be useful. The speed of doing things will increase, for example, goods will be transported in a short time since the cars can travel on a high speed without causing any danger to other road users. The autonomous car will require improved infrastructure in order to operate effectively. The cars will reduce inconveniences caused by humans like lateness due to drivers' strikes. This technology will also help in developing other robotic items as it will be a future reference. For example, it may make scientists come up with autonomous teachers, security guards and autonomous trains.


One disadvantage with the use of the technology is that the system may collapse when on the road; this can cause damages and losses. The technology will lead to job losses as many drivers will not be required. The development of these cars is costly and hence will require the companies making them to incur a lot of expenses. More likely the technology will need the roads to be developed in order to accommodate them on the roads. Therefore, the use of the autonomous car technology will be a big challenge to use in many countries. The governments will have to spend a lot if the advantages of the technology are to be felt.